My Mahindra Mojo Journey – After riding 7000 Kms in 60 days

By Yogi

I met my Mojo on 20-April-2016 with all paper work completed and was eager to have long ride, but the very first thing we do on purchase was Pooja of bike, gone to temple with parents and had all Pooja work done ! And now mojo was ready to rock n roll J

I was very curious about which location to choose first, Immediately Kolhapur pop out because of the temple festival was going on and also I do like to visit temple of Kolhapur [Jotiba temple] which is approx. 400km from Mumbai

Very first thing I did gone through all manual instruction properly some points I do like to mention here,

Before starting long Journey

  • Check anywhere oil is leaking near engine, or near brakes or suspensions
  • Fill tyre with correct air pressure
  • Make sure malfunction Indication is not Glowing 

keeping in mind have to drive below 5000 rpm and to keep speed accordingly, I kept speed around 50-60 km/hr @ 4000 rpm, was riding with one of my duke friend, he really got irritated with slow speed riding for very long hour, it took around more than 10hours to reach the destination was super patience testing ride, After returning Mumbai Mojo was in Perfect shape, Riding in daily city commute made mojo ready for first service [I done my first service in Goregaon SM Auto – technician was Nikhil]

On first Service below things were taken care of

  • Oil changed [Castrol 10W50 ]
  • Chain Clean and lube [which is ,mention as Motul C1, C2]
  • Oil filter assembly
  • Al sealing washer
  • Labour charges

After first service I do installed saddle carrier guard, pannier guard & front guard set; now my Mojo was looking more cool and super hunky and I was super excited to test on much longer route, But sadly after weekend planned was to ride for Saputara Gujarat & purna wild life, which was around 300km from Mumbai, during this ride I increase my speed to 70 – 75km /hr below 5000 rpm mojo was performing very well and no issue was observed then I started back to back small ride on weekends like Charoti, pavna lake, Saltar lake etc

After completing 3300+ km the engine was pretty much set for more rpm without any distorting sound, My personal observation was when u try going above 5500 rpm engine will make u feel that, is he ready or not to deliver more power, if he is not ready he will push u back and u will feel uneasy about power delivery, But mine engine was opened over 3000 + km the speed I got was 107 after engine was open.

Now I was able to cruise at 100 very well, so planned a trip to visit friend place at Karnataka Sringeri, Agumbe. Very beautiful place to visit and makes u feel one with nature, But for this journey need more preparation as it was first 1000 km ride one way on Mojo

Things to Keep note while riding

  • Carry Chain Cleaner / lube [During Monsoon spray on every 300+ kms and on rest season 500+ kms] I was carrying 3M Chain lube , Motul is also fine
  • Puncture Kit with air pump (borrowed from my friend )
  • WD40 spray – good for electrical switches (During monsoon switch got stucks alot)

So then started ride morning 3.30 am and tried taking lesser halt on every 150 or 200 kms  maintaining good speed and also tried pushing more rpm got speed around 111 km /hr @ 7000rpm, then reached at destination sringeri also visited Agumbey around 6.30pm then next day morning visited Jog fall and started journey back to Mumbai

During this Karnataka trip Mojo come up with slight Problems

  • Weird noise started coming from lower part of engine, then I came to know it was front guard clamp which was weak and was making noise during vibration [When discussed with service center they upgraded the 2-3 mm of clamp to 5-6mm due to which problem Got sorted out]
  • Also pannier mount was slightly moved down which was rectified by adjusting the screw


Now meter was showing 5000+ kms after Karnataka ride was completed, I went to Karad to visit relatives I started my journey at 4.00 am and passed satara by 8.00 am during this ride I tried attaining top speed which I got 144 km /hr @8000 + rpm and tried to stretch more but this was the top speed I manage to reach, After this I done some pune night ride back to back in heavy rainfall with super windblast. With all this I covered around 6000+ km and bike was ready for Second service [Second Service I get it done in pune at Solum Automobile system – Technician Ganesh]

On second Service below things were taken care of

  • Oil change
  • Switch replaced [While riding in heavy rain switch contacts was being shot so needed to replace] Problem which I faced in switch, was once passing light pressed, whole head light was going off
  • ECU was reset
  • Sensor Cable was changed [During rainy season O2 sensor usually shows MIL indication but in my case it was not going off and finally service guy has to replace that sensor cable]
  • Fine tuning was done because I was not exceeding 140+ top speed while other mojo was easily crossing 150+
  • Left side horn holding strip connecting to chassis was broken [get it properly weld by service Centre guy]

After Second service was done, I return back to Mumbai then few days later my friend ask me to join for malshed ride and after malshed I went to kashid beach, with all this place including daily city commute I covered around 7000km till now….

Pros of Mahindra Mojo

  • Super front suspension [Have been 3 times in pothole and no dent were seen anywhere]
  • 21 litre tank [got mileage around 30-35km/ltr]
  • Lesser maintenance
  • Comfort upright position
  • Superb Pirelli tyres – Wet grip is awesome
  • Lot of data in speedometer [ good thing I love is 2 trip setting]
  • Twin Headlight
  • Nice Reflector
  • Good power and More


Cons of Mahindra mojo

  • Mirror falls while riding, even though screw is pretty much tightened
  • Passing Switch issue [Either get stucks or goes off completely]
  • Speedometer Moisture accumulates [This happens only in Monsoon]
  • Left side horn Stick Problem – [Stick connected to chassis is weak intense vibration may lead to damage]
  • During monsoon MIL indicates due to O2 sensor
  • In heavy rain headlight beam is not much effective [Need to prefer 60w bulb but with proper relay switch]
  • Mud Guard doesn’t meet expectation – Mud spray all over to back while riding

Note:- Till now face minor problems in Mahindra mojo bike, but good thing the service centre guys are very helpful special thanks to Mr Abhijit, Mr Aniket from Mumbai and Mr Rohan from Pune, they understand and tried escalating each problem on priority.

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  • Bharat July 20, 2016 at 4:07 am Reply

    Really awesome experience you had Yogi. Thanks for sharing your experiance of your bike riding and mojo

  • Aniket Mohite July 21, 2016 at 7:30 am Reply

    Awesome write-up bro. Really happy to see this.
    Keep on riding.

  • Nikhil August 25, 2016 at 4:03 am Reply

    Awesome bro..
    Happy Journey to your all riding 🙂 🙂

  • Yuvraj Patil October 24, 2016 at 9:21 am Reply

    Nice information. Keep posting your riding experience and tips.

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